All eligible properties in the Giffnock Village area have been issued with ballot papers to vote on the renewal of a Business Improvement District for Giffnock. The aims and objectives of the BID are outlined in the Business Plan. If successfully voted through the new BID will operate for a period of five years from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2023.

“Together we can make Giffnock Village a better place for business.”


The principle aim of Giffnock Village is to deliver projects and services that will improve the trading environment of Giffnock to benefit businesses, their customers and visitors. The key priorities for Giffnock Village from 2018–2023 were shown through business consultation to be:

  1. Increasing footfall and repeat spend in the area
  2. Improving the physical look and feel of the area
  3. Better marketing of the area
  4. Creating a sense of community and improving local relationships

Therefore the aims of the Giffnock BID are:

  • To improve the economic opportunities for the businesses in Giffnock
  • To increase footfall to Giffnock and improve repeat spend in the area
  • To improve the physical look and feel of the area
  • To market Giffnock to a local, regional and national audience
  • To create a sense of community by improving businesses and local relationships
  • To make the BID “cost neutral” for each business
  • To address issues of for all businesses – not just particular sectors
  • To give businesses a strong, unified voice
  • To support local community groups whose aims align with the BID

This will be delivered through four key areas:

  1. Events
  2. Streetscape
  3. Promotion
  4. Communications

Giffnock has experienced significant changes over recent years. Although considered a premium shopping destination it has come under pressure from three main areas – the growth in online shopping; the development and expansion of Silverburn and other ‘out of town’ shopping centres in and around the Glasgow area; and the current economic situation. There are other issues that affect Giffnock such as traffic management and parking. Prior to establishment of the BID, Giffnock also suffered from a lack of identity as, being a main thoroughfare to Glasgow and the south, many people passed through the area without recognising the great business offerings that exist. By creating the brand ‘Giffnock Village’ and with the destination businesses such as Whole Foods Market, Harry Fairbairn BMW, Mercedes Benz, Black and Lizars, First Floors and Kwik Fit, Giffnock re-established itself as a great place to visit which, when coupled with the excellent and diverse independent businesses in the area, made Giffnock a great place to visit and shop.

There is no doubt that in the last five years since the BID has been established there have been even greater challenges to business and the departure of Whole Foods from the area means even more that the viability of Giffnock’s businesses remains the key to the success of the area. Whilst Giffnock has seen investment in the past from both the private sector and the local authority, other than the redevelopment of Whole Foods in to a Lidl store, there are no significant investments currently in development in the area. With new housing developments in surrounding areas, it is clear that greater activity is needed to ensure that Giffnock improves and maintains its competitiveness. Giffnock Village BID provides an opportunity for the businesses to continue to work together, invest collectively and undertake projects, which can contribute positively to sustaining the economic viability of businesses in the area and increasing future investment in Giffnock.

Everyone will benefit from the projects and services that the BID will deliver. With a BID, there will be:

  • Cost reduction through collective investment and joint promotion
  • Improved promotion and marketing of the area
  • Improved signage to help clearer understanding of accessibility and parking availability
  • Improved customer knowledge of goods and services in Giffnock
  • Greater appeal to visit and an improved perception of Giffnock
  • Improved amenity and a more attractive environment for customers
  • An increased number of visitors
  • Access to funding and support not available to individuals
  • A local voice for businesses
  • Improved community and relationships
  • Continuation of the promotion of Giffnock as a distinct entity with a clear identity

If the BID does not get voted back in by Giffnock’s businesses, there will be no platform for any of the above to be delivered. There will be no opportunity to deliver large scale events to bring spend to the area and no Christmas lights or banners through Giffnock. As a BID, we can work together and apply for and potentially access additional funding which we are not eligible for as individual businesses.

You can read the Giffnock Village Business Plan 2018-2023 here.

We encourage all of the eligible properties in the area to VOTE YES and return their ballot papers by 27 September 2018!