Giffnock Bid Board

The Board is responsible for deciding the direction and projects Giffnock Village follows. Giffnock Village’s Board is comprised of local business owners and managers, all of whom volunteer their own time and effort.

Representing a range of sectors and each with a strong presence in Giffnock, the Board bring their knowledge and passion for the local area.

Name Business Name
1 Darren Campbell Whole Foods
2 Giann Celino (chair) Andiamo
3 Toni Dobrenko Toni’s Pizzeria
4 Sohail Ghafur
5 Jim Grant Giffnock Dry Cleaners
6 Brent Hiddleston Man’s World
7 Tom McLleland (vice-chair) Quality Shoe Repairs
8 Peter Purewall Giffnock Ivy
9 Michael Reynolds Olive it Med
10 David Samuel First Floors
11 Anna Valentini Valentini’s
12 Scott Weir The Salon