What is Giffnock Village

Established on the 1st October, 2013, Giffnock Village is Scotland’s 20th Business Improvement District (BID). Comprised of over 60 businesses, each member contributes to fund the BID. The BID term is 5 years, during which, our businesses have invested £200,000 to improve Giffnock. Enacted by local businesses, Giffnock Village signifies the business community’s commitment to Giffnock.

What we do

Since 2013 Giffnock Village has run several projects with the intention of supporting local businesses and promoting Giffnock. Prior to the establishment of Giffnock Village, a business plan was developed in consultation with businesses and residents, from which the key activities of the Giffnock Village BID were derived.

For the five year business plan, click here.

Why you should support Giffnock

Situated to the south of Glasgow, Giffnock is a personable place, full of character. Nestled along the A77, you’ll find a collection of vibrant stores and friendly characters offering far more than may be suggested at first glance. Within the calm, leafy exterior of the main street, you’ll find stores offering quality products and services alongside amiable customer service. Though there are over 60 businesses, each offers something different from the other and, together, offers something you won’t find replicated elsewhere.

Businesses have taken the pro-active step to support Giffnock. We ask that you take the same step. Together, with the efforts of businesses and support of our community, we can strengthen the unique values that make Giffnock the desirable location it is.